A First in Turkey Hunting Edutainment

Target training with a unique, realistic shooting experience

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Why Turkey Targetz?

Unlike simple decoys, the Turkey Targetz can be configured to move - providing a much more real-world method of training 

Educate the Hunter - Not the Turkey

  • Teaches real-life hunting scenarios in a controlled setting
  • Allows novice hunters to gain familiarity with real field equipment
  • Provides opportunity to teach ethical hunting and conservation practices

See Turkey Targetz in Action!

  • Solid Steel Construction

    Turkey-shaped body is durable heavy-gauge steel

  • Replacable Heads

    • Paper Style - for air-soft usage, indoors
    • Plaster Style - for shell usage, outdoors
  • Packs Flat

    Turkey Targetz assemble with four easy wing nuts
    - and fold flat for transport and storage

  • Expandable Platform

    Looking for more Turkey Targetz fun?  Watch our website for additional products coming soon…..

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"I try to prepare my novice hunters as best as I can before going into the field. I want them to be confident. Have a knowledge of what will happen and how to react to it.  I want them equipped mentally as much as I can.  Having this gives them that ability.

And besides, it’s fun to shoot the target too!"

- Roz, Inventor of the Turkey Targetz

Safety Information

As with any steel target and live shot - this is not a toy and adult supervision is a must.

Wear personal protective gear at all times.

Stand at a safe distance.

Only use shot appropriate for steel target practice.

Practice gun safety at all times.